Minister orders an inquiry over irregularities in skill development centre


IEP Dehradun

Secretary (Incharge) Skill Development and Employment Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey has stated that Skill Development and Employment Minister has received a complaint regarding certain irregularities in Skill Development Centres and subletting the training by the State Training Centres to the training providers of other states. In this regard, orders have been issued to Project Director, UKSDM to investigate the matter. He stated that in case any irregularity or wrong doing is found during the inquiry, the work order of the erring centre would be cancelled immediately and strict action would be taken against the centre besides initiating proceedings to blacklist it. In case, there has been any lapse during the examination /inspection at the departmental level and if any officer /employee is found responsible for it, then strict action will also be taken against him. Skill Development and Employment Minister has also issued orders that for conducting the skill training programe funded by state government, only permanent residents of Uttarakhand state and registered institutions in Uttarakhand should be selected, so that entrepreneurship in the state is encouraged and the youth of the state will get better employment opportunities. For this, the proposal by Project Director, UKSDM has been received by the government on August 1 and correspondence for approval of the Minister is in process.


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