FCC accorded approval to appoint the 155 registered door to door collectors


IEP Dehradun

An emergency meeting of the Finance and Contract Committee of Municipal Corporation Chandigarh was held today under the Chairmanship of Sh. Davesh Moudgil, Mayor of Chandigarh and attended by KK Yadav, Commissioner and members of the committee namely Farmila, Smt. Heera Negi, Raj Bala Malik, Sh. Anil Kumar Dubey, Mahesh Inder Singh, Chairman, Sanitation committee was the special invitee and officers of MCC, Sanjay Kumar Jha, Special Commissioner, Dr Saurabh Mishra and Anil Kumar Garg, Additional Commissioners, Tejdeep Singh Saini, Joint Commissioner, Manoj Bansal, Chief Engineer, NP Sharma, SE (B&R), Sanjay Arora, SE (PH) and other senior officers of MCC.

The committee members discussed and approved following important issued and agenda items:

1. The FCC accorded approval to appoint 155 registered door to door collectors, who got themselves registered in the MCC office till 5.00 pm upto 21st September, 2018 subject to verification of their documents from existing service provider. The members were of the view that all the 1447 waste collectors will be appointed as waste collectors immediate after they got registered in MCC office.

2. Mayor called FCC meeting to monitoring the door to door collection of waste and Swachh Bharat Mission on weekly basis.

3 The committee accorded approval to hire 152 tractor trolleys/tata ace (as per technical requirement) for door to door collection on emergency basis from commercial and households of Chandigarh.

4. The FCC also fixed the timings of tractor trolleys to lift waste/garbage from households throughout city from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm.

5. The committee decided to lift horticulture waste from Sectors and other parts of city on every Sundays.

6. The FCC accorded approval to provide 3 washing stations in motor garage in industrial area, phase-I for washing of sanitary vehicles plying in the medical officer of health used for collecting garbage.

7. To promote onsite composting, the FCC accorded approval to make mandatory to install composting pots for all MCC councillors and officers including officials of MCC upto group C level and group D employees will be inspired to adopt onsite composting at their household level.

8. The committee accorded approval for procurement of EM solution for spraying at dumping ground.

9. Agenda regarding purchase of 3 tractor trolleys through GEM for use in horticulture division has also been approved.

10. The committee accorded approval to install public address system in the entire tractor trolleys to be used to lift garbage/waste from household basis for creating awareness among masses.

11. The FCC accorded approval for re-boring of deep bore tubewell (with reverse rig method and any method of latest technology) at tubewell, green belt, sector 56, Chandigarh at an approximate cost of Rs 36.56 lakhs.

12. The committee also accorded approval to the agenda item regarding celebration of chrysanthemum show in December, 2018 and asked the concerned officers to include cultural activities during the event and it should be approved through Arts, Sports & Culture Committee, MCC.


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