Now make online complaint for cyber crime, action on anonymous complaints will also be taken


IEP Dehradun

Giving information about cyber crime portal,State ADG Law and Order Ashok Kumar told that now online complaint of cyber crime can be made. Union Home Ministry has launched a portal, where any citizen can get a complaint registered regarding the circulation of obscene content of children (pornography), vulgar sexual content and online sexual abuse.

In addition, one can also make anonymous complaints about child pornography and child sexual abuse content or sexual matters related to rape and gang rape. Based on the information given on this portal, action will be taken by the concerned State Police for removal of such content and legal action will be taken by the respective police station. Victims or complainants can also know the action taken on their complaint by using their mobile number and selecting report and track option. More information in this regard can be obtained at Toll Free number 155260.


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