Kidney is like a mother of all organs which suffers silently: Expert


IEP Chandigarh

As many as 60 senior citizens attended a health talk on ‘healthy aging’ at Senior Citizen Council Panchkula on Tuesday. The talk was organized by Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula.

While addressing talk, Dr Charanjit Lal, sr consultant-Nephrology at Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula said that it is very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle above 60-yr. It is advisable for elderly people to get diabetes, hypertension, obesity and cholesterol and kidney disease checked regularly.

He said , approximately 25% people over the age of 60-yr have diabetes. The complications of diabetes increases with aging and duration of diabetes even with good control of sugar. Thus it is important to follow your healthcare professional’s instructions as long-standing uncontrolled diabetes can cause serious problems, including blood pressure, renal failure, stroke and heart attack, remarked Dr Lal.

As you get older, your treatment may need to be changed accordingly, making it important to visit your doctor regularly, he pointed out.

Talking about obesity, Dr Lal said that obesity and hypertension are a worldwide health problem at all age groups but in the elderly, it contributes to the early onset of chronic co-morbidities and functional impairment leading to premature mortality.

Prostate and stone problem are also very common in elderly people which adds to the kidney risk, he asserted.

He said, kidney is like a mother to all organs which suffers silently. Hence, patients with diabetes, hypertension, prostate problem, stone disease and old age are at increased risk of kidney disease. If anyone has swelling in any part of the body, especially on feet and face, it should never be ignored. Even if a swelling which appears after standing for a long time and disappears on lying down, it should be taken seroiusly as it could be the first sign of kidney disease evolving and hence consult your Nephrologist immediately for further treatment, he summed up.


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