Proposal to set up a Horticulture University in Jhajjar


Gourav Sharma

While welcoming the proposal to establish a Horticulture University in Jhajjar, Ashok Arora, State President of Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) has supported the demand of the villagers that are related to the establishment of the University. He reminded the BJP government that the village Panchayats have limited sources of income and therefore need to make the most of the limited opportunities that arise.

Acquisition of Panchayat land is one such opportunity and hence the compensation should be according to the prevalent market rate. He also reminded that the process of acquisition had begun some years ago and between then and now there has been appreciation in the prices. In view of this the appreciated market price should be paid to the village Panchayat.

Ashok Arora also demanded that since the village will be losing its land, and hence a permanent source of rental income, therefore it should also be adequately compensated by way of accommodating the youth of the village in the jobs created in the proposed University. He reminded that when Chaudhary Om Prakash Chautala was the Chief Minister of the State, preference was given to the local youth in jobs there. He asserted that not only does the INLD supports this demand in jobs but is also committed to draft a law, if voted to power, to give preference to the local youth in jobs in private sector too.
The INLD State President also said that he is not surprised by the protests that the BJP leaders face on this issue since it is not only of vital importance but necessary in the prevailing conditions.

All responsible and responsive governments in the country have created and followed a law that protects the interests of the local people. It is in view of this that the villagers have threatened to boycott the BJP in the forthcoming Lok Sabha and Assembly polls.


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