60 attend camp on obesity, weight management


IEP Chandigarh

As many as 60 people attended the first day of 2-day “Obesity and Weight Management’ at Ivy hospital, Mohali on Friday.

During camp, free consultations on weight management, dietary and body composition analysis were given.

All aspects of weight gain or loss were also discussed during interactions with doctors , dieticians and with people who successfully lost the weight .

Speaking during occasion, Manmohan Singh Bedi , consultant Gatro– intestinal and bariatric surgeon said that obesity has become a major problem these days. It’s not only make you look cosmetically odd one out but also is a root cause of common diseases like diabetes, increased blood pressure, PCOD, infertility, sleep apnea, fatty liver and cancer etc.

Many modes of treatment are available in market which people use before visiting doctors, he remarked.

While giving the diet tips to reduce weight, a senior dietician said that one should avoid fatty food, fasting & feasting and prefer frequent small meal, include low CHO, moderate protein, high fiber, low fat diet, include more of liquids in diet, and prefer roasted & boiled form more instead of fried food.

The camp is being organized with an aim of educating people about the complications of obesity which significantly reduce lifespan.


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